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I’ve found a horse head , oh shit.

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Ship it

I ship it
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when someone sends you really detailed anon hate

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one time my grandma told me that “the lord is always watching” and it creeped me out and i didn’t masturbate for like a week

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"Harry Styles. Though he keeps changing his number and you’ll get a group text in the middle of the night. He’s lovely and the reason I think people are drawn to him is he’s quite a charmer. In a conversation he’ll make you feel really important.""Who’s the most famous person in your mobile?" by Scott Mills via quitespecial (via faireststyles)

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10th grade year my geography teacher said “the bell doesn’t dismiss this class i do” and she expected everyone to remain in their seats until she said we could leave but when the bell rang i got up and left like sike bitch i dont play these games

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this one is for the boys with the boomin systemimage

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